Pulse™ Series Remote Monitoring Systems
Pulse™ is an industrial, self-contained, remote monitoring system. It gathers and stores production data from your facility and then presents this data to you via the device's interface or via the Internet. That means that, whether you are in the office next door, or across the globe, your production information is always nearby.

Up to four inputs can be attached to a Pulse™ Monitoring System. Monitored input data is stored in non-volatile FLASH memory for a period of up to one year providing you with valuable historical system performance. Pulse™ uses the latest Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology to monitor high speed production lines running up to 1000 parts per minute.

Pulse™ includes built-in web and ftp servers. This allows production to be monitored remotely as a web page on most popular, Java-enabled browsers. You can also download the data for any month’s production as a comma separated values (CSV) file via FTP for import directly into your favorite spreadsheet application.

Additionally, Pulse™ includes an email function that can be configured to send nightly status reports to the designated production manager.

Download the Pulse™ brochure here.